Saturday, July 01, 2006

As for those guys who got beaten up in Astoria...

As the Gay City News cover story on the attack on Kevin Aviance put it, there were "More victims than just Kevin" the same week Aviance was beaten up.

The Queens Chronicle interviews two of the men who was attacked in Astoria that same week, who do not give their last name to the press. One says that he was not only called homophobic names but racist slurs as well.

He says that a group of men accosted him and another two friends after he hugged one of his companions. The attackers, who he describes as having a foreign accent, called more people for reinforcement, one person brought along an aluminium bat. He ended up wuth six stitches to his head.

The man placed part of the blame on the Bush administration and the atmosphere the President has created: "Preaching inequality is not acceptable in this day and age," he said.

For additional details and reward announcements for information leading to the capture of the attackers go to the article here.

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