Saturday, July 29, 2006

Nibbly bits get revamped: Blog search engines

Oooh! Woke up this morning to a newly revamped and re-tooled QueerFilter. They streamlined stuff, changed the fonts and color schemes and added even more nibbly-bits such as 'Popular Posts,' 'Top Keywords' (obviously the word 'hot' is hot and there's also the inevitable combination of the words 'Lance' and 'Bass' though I'd be willing to bet that 'hot' will endure while Bass boy will probably disappear soon).

They're looking a little bit like the old Technorati (but gayer, of course) though even Technorati got a revamp last week. I think I like the Technorati revamp but prefer the older less busy one.

Recently revamped as well was that other blog search tool, Talk Digger. I also preferred the old version but who am I to say.

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