Saturday, July 29, 2006

Ozzie Guillen a no show at Chicago's Gay Games?

Last time we wrote about it, Chicago White Sox manager Ozzie Guillen had "quote unquote" apologized for calling a sports columnist a "fucking fag" (video here, including Ozzie's own quotation marks), blamed his upbringing in home country of Venezuela for not realizing that calling someone a fag was homophobic (never mind he's lived in the United States for more than a quarter of a century) and, to top it all off, showed text messages to reporters from his bestest gay friend in the world (his hairdresser) to prove that he was not homophobic (actually, he also said he enjoyed Madonna concerts and WNBA games to prove his homo-cred).

He also told reporters that he'd be attending the closing night ceremony at the Gay Games in Chicago to show he truly, madly, deeply loves the gays. Now that the games are over let's check up on that!

Nope! No reports of Guillen sightings anywhere at the closing night ceremonies. If anyone knows differently, we'll appreciate the tip.

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Anonymous said...

I figured he wasn't going to show up. He definitely has some heterosexist/homophobic issues, because he had previously associated homosexuality and pedophilia, but I do think he is aware he has issues and to a small extent is addressing them. To a small extent are the operative terms.