Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Yo quiero Taco Bell (and other articles you might want to read)

Lately there's been much out there that I wanted to blog about but little time to do so. Translating Spanish language information from Latin America takes inordinate amounts of time so posts on Latin American LGBT issues have been unfortunately missing from Blabbeando as of late. We'll try to remedy this as time allows in the near future. Still, there are some interesting English-language news that you might have missed out there so, without further ado, a list of recent articles of note:

Chalupeando: Advertising Age, the advertising business bible, runs a hilarious piece on Taco Bell's attempts to draw Latino costumers which have proved futile, analysts say "the problem is the product"

Progresando: The Washington Blade has a piece on Latinos en Accion, a Washington, DC-based Latino gay organization and their goal to find funding and a space for a drop-in center for the area's Latino LGBT community.

Inmigrando: The Toronto Sun reports on up to 150 HIV positive immigrants who decided to stay in Canada after the International AIDS Conference last month in Toronto. They have filed for refugee status and include at least one man from El Salvador. In a more extensive report, Canada.com puts the number of those seeking refugee status at 137 and say that it's been reported that "the majority of claimants are women" from African countries, including Uganda.

More madness from Jamaica: In the meantime, the Jamaica Gleaner has been following a story about the Jamaica Employer's Association (JEF) suggestion that businesses should test potential and current employees for HIV. The stance has drawn stern rebukes from the Medical Association of Jamaica, the government's own National AIDS Committee, and leading editorial writers.

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