Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Blabbeando gets hit by first threat of legal action

Ah! Blogging! Who would have thought it would be this much fun! The organizers of last Saturday's Miss Riiss Park 2006 event though that the videos I posted on my YouTube account (to which I linked up in this post) were not up to par and sent a cease and desist message threatening legal action if I did not remove the videos. Well, they have been removed so you, my gentle readers, will not be able to partake of some of the fabulousness that took place that night.


miss wild thing said...

Well you know someone is reading you, they just tried to legally read you beads on this one. Put up the Shakira pic again as a reminder.

seyd said...

Up to par? Whatever... I have been recording a few lectures by lawyers lately, I hope I don't get one of those letters.