Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Lorenzo Herrera y Lozano talks to Mandrake Society

Lately, we've been linking up to some great interviews with community leaders in other blogs. For a while, I've thought about featuring a few profiles of people I consider to be amazing individuals in the Latino LGBT community and that may come down the line.

For now, it's nice to point out that Mandrake Society Radio has uploaded a podcast interview with the amazing Lorenzo Herrera y Lozano (pictured, deep in thought) from Austin's ALLGO (which began as a local Latino lesbian and gay organization and has developed into a state-wide people of color queer rights organization).

Lorenzo discusses the history behind ALLGO, other Latino LGBT organizing efforts, the issue of marriage rights for same-sex couples and how it plays in our communities and, finally, the dynamics of identity politics (the interview begins close to the 6-minute mark of the podcast).

Props to Mandrake Society's JW Richards for featuring Lorenzo.

Besides, Lorenzo Herrera y Lozano - How cool is that name? Love ya, Lorenzo!

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seyd said...

Solano? Anyhow, I have heard he uses the "y" to sound more Spanish...