Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Homosexual Immorality

It might have been shocking (if not surprising) to hear General Peter Pace, the Joint Chief of Staff and top military leader in Iraq, call homosexuals "immoral" in a Chicago Tribune interview a couple of days ago but it's even more shocking that the two leading Democratic presidential candidates have had so much trouble distancing themselves from his comments.

You would think that both Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama would be smart enough to unequivocally oppose those comments. Alas, neither did.

To wit:
There is no reason why in 2007 any Democrat (ole Republican for that matter) should hesitate at all on this question. I doubt either truly thinks that homosexuality is immoral but that they should even hedge on the issue speaks to political pandering at its worst.

UPDATE: Both camps issued clarifications through spokespersons according to The NY Times.

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