Thursday, April 19, 2007

Governor Spitzer: No gay marriage in the next 9.5 weeks

In yesterday's New York Times, Governor Eliot Spitzer addressed his priorities for the two months left in the current legislative session with campaign reform at the top. Not among the priorities, gay marriage, an issue he supported before being elected governor.

This morning The Politicker's Azi Paybarah stopped by a breakfast presentation at Crain's by the Governor in which he spoke of the recent bruising budget fight with the health care industry. At the meeting Spitzer was asked why gay marriage was not listed among his priorities. His response? It's something that is "not likely to be passed in the next ten weeks."

Over at the Daily News Daily Politics Elizabeth Benjamin cuts the time to 9.5 weeks and quotes Spitzer as saying "I am focusing on politics as the art of the possible."

OK, then. How about in 12 weeks? 30? Hm, any forseable time during your tenure as Governor?

Paul Schindler at Gay City News elaborates in an article for today's print edition and says that some leading same-sex marriage advocates and friendly legislators still think that Spitzer will support a same-sex marriage bill sooner than later (if not in the next 9.5 weeks).

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