Thursday, April 19, 2007

Meetings, we've got meetings...

Not sure I can make it to any of tonight's two meetings or even next week's meetings but...

Calling it the Queer Justice League (asterisk*) might be inappropriate because some people have reservations about the (*) name and it was supposed to be an interim name (*) anyway, but there's a bunch of people meeting at 7pm tonight at the LGBT Center on 13th Street. It's the 2nd meeting since a speech by Larry Kramer riled up the masses. I can't promise that the issue of whether to use Robert's Rules of Order will be resolved by meeting's end. Do try to take a chill pill beforehand so you can be in the right mood to deal with different levels of oppression and the tension level that a few hundred e-mail messages have ratcheted up. Maybe, just maybe, something will come out of it. If there seems to be consensus on one thing it's that they want some freakin' direct action, NOW! So at the very least maybe you too can throw your pet cause into the ring and see if it sticks. It's been billed as a "working meeting" to address some remaining process issues with a "full meeting" to follow at 8pm on April 26th, also at the Center. For updates click here [NOTE: Gay City News has more on what went on druring the first meeting here].

Not to be confused with the (non-asterisk *) ACT-UP meetings that still take place every Monday at 8pm also at the Center.

Tonight, though, ACT-UPers and ACT-UP allies can also head over to the City University of New York for "CLAGS LGBTQ Studies Panel: Discussions Around the History of ACTUP." That also takes place at 7pm tonight (not sure if some asterisks * will make it should the meeting at the Center end up early). What is the CLAGS meeting about?

"To mark the 20th anniversary of ACT UP, this round table discussion features Sarah Schulman and Jim Hubbard, co-coordinators of the ACT UP Oral History Project and co-founders of the MIX New York Lesbian and Gay Experimental Film Festival, and invited guests. The conversation will focus on the early history of AIDS activism in New York City, the birth and history of ACT UP, and the needs in/for AIDS activism today."

It's free and open to the public and will take place at the Skylight Room (#9100) of the Graduate Center at CUNY, 365 Fifth Avenue (at 34th Street) in Manhattan. Need more info? Call 212 817-1955 or click here.

Speaking of April 26th, you might want to make it to the Center a couple of hours earlier before the 3rd Queer Justice League (asterisk *) meeting: The New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene's Bureau of HIV/AIDS Prevention and Control and the Bureau of Sexually Transmitted Diseases (whew! THEY should have an asterisk!) is presenting "A Community Discussion on Male Circumcision and HIV Prevention."

If it turns out to be half as interesting as the one a few of us held with them a few days ago in the wake of this, it should be a hoot.

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