Sunday, June 17, 2007

Latino LGBT pride in NYC: 2003

Continuing our look at Latino LGBT organizing in New York through some of the photos I've taken through the years...
copyrighted photo - to post, please ask for permission:

Queens pride parade, June 1, 2003: This week's great news that my home country of Colombia is set to become the first Latin American nation to grant some partnership rights to same-sex couples on a national level (other Latin American cities such as Buenos Aires and municipalities had done so before on a local level) came after several attempts to pass such a bill.

In 2003, the Colombian Lesbian and Gay Association (COLEGA) decided to stage a wedding reception and dance in support of a bill that was being sponsored by Colombian Senator Piedad Cordoba at the time. That we did it outdoors and at the Queens pride parade won us the "Simply the Best" award at that year's parade (yay!).

And, yes, before you ask that is the boyfriend (first guy on the left) dancing with another man.

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