Wednesday, July 11, 2007

BFF: Paulina Rubio

My best-friend-forevah Paulina Rubio (pictured above with el Blabbeador) stopped by to wish me a happy birthday a few weeks ago (yeah, right!). We love La Pau because, as you already know, she has been crowned in Mexico (and Miami) as the Queen of the Gays for a number of consecutive years (sometimes even twice a year, depending on which gay bar in Mexico you are talking about).

Once-rumored to be a lesbian and having played coy with the rumors, La Pau recently got married to a man - which did not tamper our admiration or our enjoyment of her song-craft (except with that unfortunate attempt to sing in English).

I must say that she is a stunningly beautiful woman, even in fluorescent lighting. Or maybe her make up was better than mine?

We absolutely love La Pau. For the uninitiated we recommend Paulina, released in May of 2000. Too bad you missed her recent Beacon Theatre concert.

Rubio recently became the New York-based Latino Commission on AIDS first official godmother, a designation which sounds cooler in Spanish than in English ("madrina") - a great reason why the United States should not become and English-language-only country. Yay for La Pau!

[NOTE: Click once on the YouTube image below, then wait a sec and click again and it will open up a YouTube window to the PG13-rated version of "Y Sigo Aqui" with lots of lesbotastic stuff - something about biting into ripe mangoes]


Junk Thief said...

A great shot, and lucky you to meet her. Though, given the opportunity I'd rather meet Miguel Bose. And there have been more than a few rumors about him...

Lito Sandoval said...

Ok, me so celoso!!!

She also has the very queer video for "enamarado," where she pines for a guy who turns out to be a WEHO gay boy.

Adam said...

You look really great in that shirt! Muy Guapo!

Andrés Duque said...

**Blush** Well, it was the closest thing at hand that matched La Pau's dress color that day and I wanted to look almost as cute.