Monday, November 19, 2007

Musica: A Matter of Time

As long as we are talking about Argentina, here is a translation of Homostone's "A Matter of Time" (Cuestion de Tiempo) as available on their MySpace page (ps: They are looking for singers):

You always playing the little fagg*t
And you don't even take a little bit inside
You leave the boys all hot and bothered
And they are left with all these questions

What are you looking for?
When you leave your girlfriend hanging and you come to the disco floor to dance
What's behind it?
Behind your feline stare, of your special affinity
For getting close to boys
Who get close to other boys
And only find in a macho man

If you're high, the flannel suits you
You are a pampered cub
But if a guy throws his dice
You get all jittery

What is there to do?
To get you to loosen yourself and try it at least once
With so many pieces falling, nobody can now believe
That you won't be overcome by your desires
To do certain things
When you hang up your clothes
You will be able

A matter of time, you will soon fall under
Let things go slowly, it will do you a lot of good
Light the fuse, good things will come later

Don't be afraid, you will learn
Sooner or later, you will lick yourself
I'll be happy if I taste you once

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Anonymous said...

Gracias! Que bueno que te haya gustado nuestra musica. Abrazos!!