Friday, July 25, 2008

Mexico: LGBT rights advances covered by Time magazine

Today's Time Magazine has an article on Mexico City and the astounding recent cultural and political developments that have led to the recognition of some same-sex partnership rights, transgender rights and abortion rights in what many consider to be an overwhelmingly conservative and Catholic country.

It also depicts the outrage felt by certain conservative bastions (including the Catholic Church) at what they see as a loss of values and licentious decadence run amok.

From the article:
The conservatives run scared from these issues because they are afraid voters will see their true intolerance, Mexico is changing little by little and the capital is at the forefront of that change. People visit from the provinces and see it is better to live with rights and tolerance. And they want to take those rights home with them - PRD leglislator David Sanchez Camacho, the only openly gay lawmaker in the Mexican Congress
For the full article go here: "Mexico City: A den of sin or a beacon of liberty?"

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