Thursday, July 24, 2008

Peru: Two gay high-school seniors caught having sex in classroom, LGBT rights organizations oppose expulsion

Above:Students at the San Jose de Chiclayo National School in Chiclayo, Peru, Class of 2007.

Earlier this year I wrote about a young lesbian couple in Manizales, Colombia, who were thrown out of their high school and then sent back by a court order that said that the school administrators had discriminated against them for being gay (see 'Related' posts below).

Last week a newspaper from the northern coastal plain city of Chiclayo, Peru, reported that two male high-school students were on the verge of being kicked out school after being caught having sex in an empty classroom ("2 students are discovered practicing a homosexual act," Destapa, July 16, 2008).

The article itself has a sensationalistic tone and it's one thing for two girls to be thrown out of school for holding hands or kissing and quite another for two students to have sex in a classroom without disciplinary action but what caught my attention was that the students seem to be challenging the school.

The two 5th grade secondary-school students (12th grade in the US) at the San José de Chiclayo National School allegedly took advantage that the school's art teacher was absent and used the empty classroom during the art class period to engage in sex. The paper says that they were discovered by other schoolmates and that twenty classmates were witnesses to the "homosexual act."

School principal Gonzalo Supo Capuñay told Destape "Let you be certain that the students will take a definite leave from the school, because the conduct of one or two students will not dim the prestige of the San José de Chiclayo National School."

As of last week, though, disciplinary action was pending an investigation of the allegations.

The students, who were identified only as Erick P.Q. y Kevin M.L. in the paper for being minors, aparently also spoke to Destape. "What's with the uproar," one is quoted as saying, "if in the class there are 5 more students who are homosexual and everyone knows them."

It's unclear which of the students said it since Destape only says it was "the one that took the passive role."

Journalistic integrity for you!

Homosexual Movement of Lima (MOhL), Peru's oldest gay rights organization has released a statement opposing the expulsion of the students and offered legal assistance arguing that it's discriminatory to prevent the free expression of one's sexuality.

The Boletin Diversidad blog ads that the school is an all-boy's school. They also oppose the expulsion in what they call one of the most conservative regions in the country.


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