Thursday, January 15, 2009

Rex Wockner: Gay VIP's on Obama

Lookie here: It's President-elect Barack Obama's first official presidential portrait taken by photo-journalist Pete Souza.

Weird! Life circumstances ruined my chance to celebrate the presidential election results on Nov. 4th after months of pushing for Obama. So things like this still send chills up my spine and make me tear up a li'l bit.

In any case, Rex Wockner has begun a series of blog posts on reactions from what he calls 'Gay VIP's' to Obama's nomination as president to the United States..

So far here is the breakdown (I'll keep updating the post as he updates his):
More to come...


Reginald Harris said...

When is he going to ask you? I think of you as a VIP!

Blabbeando said...

Ha! I have a feeling that my feelings on Obama are clear at this point in time.