Tuesday, January 13, 2009

We WIN! No time for losers 'cause we are the champions of the WORLD!

So voting is over at the 2008 Weblog Awards for the best blogs of the year and the winner has been crowned. CONGRATULATIONS TOWLEROAD!!

I am glad to report that Blabbeando came in dead-last in the Best LGBT Blog category with 0.5% of the vote! As I said, though, we were stunned to be chosen as a finalist and we hardly had any chance to compete against the big guys and gals. Plus the general subject of this blog is rather narrow anyway. Or perhaps it's all excuses for being a looooosaah !

Being serious: I was actually honored to have been chosen amongst thousands of LGBT blogs out there and it certainly brought new readership to the blog (we went from a Technorati rating of 86 to 104 even if only nerds know what that means).

The breakdown?
Pam and Joe have been past winners and Andy T. has now joined them in the pantheon. I am thrilled that This Girl Called Automatic Win pulled in 5th and also remain ever thankful to Monica Roberts at TransGriot for her encouragement and support. We are all winners in this game called life! Or, as ABBA said, "The winner takes it all / The loser standing small / Beside the victory / That's her destiny."

Indeed! Congratulations to all the top vote getters as well as all the nominees!


Monica Roberts said...

You're welcome and you deserved it.

Blabbeando is a quality blog and the world needs to hear yours and the Latino/a GLBT community's voice.

Glad it resulted in a major Technorati jump for you and more readership.

Better luck for both our blogs next year.

Ron Buckmire said...

Congrats to you both and I hope I can join you all in the final 10 next year!