Thursday, April 15, 2010

Ricky Martin gets naked

Oh. Look. A new Tweet from Ricky Martin showing off one of his videos. And he's buck-naked.  Actually, the Tweet says that it was directed by Dago Gonzalez and used during his last tour so it's not necessarily new.  As for those tattoos that start to appear over his skin, they say stuff like: Cambia tu vida (change your life), perdona (forgive), descúbrete (find yourself), conócete (know yoursef), questiona (question things), acepta (accept), se dueño de ti (be your owner), desafíate (challenge yourself), ama (love someone), la paz nace en ti (peace is born within you) and vivir es nacer paso a paso (to live is to be born step by step). Whew! Just how many platitudes fit on a man's body! Anyway, watch the video below.


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