Friday, December 06, 2013

World Premiere: "Sambayón" from Dani Umpi

You want some unapologetic queer music from Latin America? You might as well head down to Uruguay where Dani Umpi has been rocking the charts with his unique style and extravagant gender-bending music videos.

Tonight I share with you the video premiere of his song "Sambayón"...

It comes from his 2011 album "Mormazo" which you can download from his personal webpage.

Also from "Mormazo" the video for the catchy "Trés Pasos" can be seen here.

And from his 2006 album "Perfecto" the astoundingly beautiful song and video for "No me vas a sacar a bailar" ("You won't take me out to dance").

To learn more about Dani Umpi...
  • Follow him on Twitter here.
  • Follow him on Facebook here.
  • Follow him on YouTube here.
  • Visit his website and download his music here.

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