Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Primary elections update No. 2

Seems that Fernando Ferrer will avoid a primary run-off after all. Runner-up Anthony Weiner is said to be preparing a consession speech that he will give at noon (EST) today. If that's the case, Ferrer becomes the first Latino man elected as the Democratic nominee to the Mayoral office in NYC. He also faced a run-off in 2001 but, as I have mentioned in previous posts, primary elections fell on September 11th and the whole race was up-ended as a result. If he becomes mayor he would follow the lead of Antonio Villaraigosa, who recently became the first Latino man to be elected Mayor of Los Angeles. But low electorate turn-out last night and the incremental rise in the popularity of Mayor Bloomberg over the last four years signify that Ferrer faces an uphill battle.

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