Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Internet campaign tackles worldwide violence against lesbians and gays

Amnesty International's Spanish office has launched a new campaign to raise awareness about human rights abuses against sexual minorities worldwide. According an article published yesterday in El Mundo, AI's Leonardo Fernandez says that the original idea was to find a well-known lesbian celebrity and a well-known gay male celebrity to be featured in the internet-based campaign but, while two gay men signed up, they could only find a straight woman who played a lesbian role in a television series to participate. Strangely, when I visited their site, I could not find a link to the campaign itself (maybe it has yet to be officially launched) although El Mundo has a link on their page to the part of the campaign featuring television presenter Jesus Vazquez. That part of the campaign, titled "Travel with Jesus Vazquez!" is interactive and can be seen here. The page says "Try and you'll see what happens! You will be surprised" and then lets you click on "Choose a destination."

Thanks to the Vivirlatino Blog for alerting us to the campaign.

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