Sunday, February 26, 2006

Marga Gomez comes home: Los Big Names

It's nice to see Marga Gomez get some props in today's New York Times.

She is featured in the "One to Watch" section of their annual Spring theatre season preview. The amazing actress will be bringing her auto-biographical one-woman show "
Los Big Names" to New York on April 9th. It's the latest in a series of solo performances in which she explores living in the United States as a Latina lesbian and her relationship with her family. Often hilarious, she also mines deeply personal and emotional universal themes. Currently, "Los Big Names" is playing at the Magic Theatre in San Francisco's Mission District before its Broadway debut so if you're in San Francisco, check it out!

As for her big-time Hollywood movie debut as "military personnel and computer expert Jane Edmund" in "Sphere," check out her thoughts here.

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Anonymous said...

Actually, papito, Marga is at The Marsh in the Mission Dist (a few blocks from mi casita), The Magic theater is actually across ton in Ft Mason in the Marina Dist.