Monday, June 12, 2006

Blog link list grows

New additions to my personal list:
  • Emanuel Xavier now has his own blog at, check it out on my links list to the right.
  • Attorney Lavi Soloway, with whom I have worked in the past, also has a couple of new blogs. I've added his personal blog Soloway to the list as well (and he's linked back to Blabbeando as well! Thanks Lavi!)
New blogs to the "Who's Linking to Blabbeando" list include:
  • kbNetwork, a blog on sex, love, religion, politics, music and living
  • Sangroncito, on which I've commented earlier, ends it's commentary on Colombia for now but promises new travel adventures throughout Latin America. I will be checking-in frequently.
  • Finally, there is also Las odiseas de burbujas - a great blog documenting the life and loves of an urban (read NYC) Dominican guy.

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