Monday, June 12, 2006

Rosie Perez' Yo Soy Boricua! TONIGHT on IFC

Tonight, the IFC channel shows Yo soy Boricua - Pa'que tu lo sepas! (I'm Boricua so you know!). The documentary, Rosie's directorial debut, takes a look at Puerto Rican heritage and culture through the mirror of an exploration of her family roots.

The Boston Globe calls it "a more selfless tribute to undersung heroes than Ophra Winfrey's Legends Ball."

The Washington Post says it's "rambling, good-natured, fact-filled and often poignant."

It's been making the festival rounds to great acclaim. Watch it tonight (check local listings)


Anonymous said...

What is Boricua?

Anonymous said...

Well Rosie does a poor job telling us what a Boricua is - In short it is a variant of the name of the indigenous peoples of the island of Puerto Rico- Not to be confused with Ms. Perez, a foul mouthed, narrow minded, vicitm -mentality, hate spewing, nuyorican (born in NY, Puerto Rican parents)