Friday, August 18, 2006

13th Annual Clubhouse Jamboree: Sept. 10th @ Prospect Park

Last year, the mighty bass from DJ Spinna's thumping DJ set made our whole body vibrate (at least 'til the power generator gave out) after we'd thrilled to a vocal set by Ms. Barbara "Most Precious Love" Tucker under a glorious Brooklyn forest sun. Think we're tripping? Proof (and photos) here.

It's baaack! The 13th Annual Clubhouse Jamboree is set to hit Prospect Park on Sunday, September 10th with another DJ set from DJ Spinna (fresh from releasing a new album), as well as DJ's Karisma and Carlos Sanchez, and the Diamond Temple & The Temple Dynasty Afro Mosaic Soul dance company to boot! Thanks lil Ray and hope for a sunny day.



Anonymous said...

I've been to this people,
And it is a hoot!

Dance like no one is watching you.
Damn right!

It's perfect for everyone.

And you're in the park!
No door drama.
No lines.
Just good music, good people and good fun.

Anonymous said...

a wonderful event full of lovely people.

Anonymous said...

i LOVE Ms. Tucker and "most precious love" is such a beautiful track. i spin that record all the time.