Thursday, August 17, 2006

Blabbeando in beta

So without much advance notice Google-owned Blogger decides to launch a nifty beta update on Monday with lots of juicy thingies (including the ability to ad labels to posts and to easily manipulate layout color and font changes as well as the ability to ad other third-party html and Java code without having to know much about either).

It's also a beta version which means that additional thingies will be added later (and issues resolved such as the fact that it apparently doesn't work well with Macintosh's Safari system).

Catch is: You have to be invited to convert your blog to the new Blogger in Beta and - guess what! - the invite popped up on my dashboard yesterday night! In one of those 'if you click here you can never go back to your old format' I decided to save the old html template just in case I lost some of the links I've built up and went ahead and did the crazy thing and hoped for the best. The switch also involved abandoning my old username and password (in Blogger in Beta you have to assign your blog to a gmail account).

Result: Minimal disruption (links survived as well as comments to older posts, third-party codes did not survive but can be added again, and been happy checking out some of the new editing options).

So bear with me through this week as I'll be playing with new colors, fonts and layouts. Yay! Nice way to celebrate the one year anniversary since I launched the blog!

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