Sunday, June 24, 2007

El Diario La Prensa and Latino Gay Pride

Today's editorial from the Spanish-language newspaper El Diario La Prensa is all about gay pride and Latino LGBT activism ("Honoring Gay Pride"). It follows Spanish-language only articles published yesterday and today taking a look at different aspects of the Latino LGBT community which include:

Yesterday's paper:
Today's paper:
In the meantime, as we shared a few days ago, we did some research here at Blabbeando for images that El Diario might be able to use (and provided a few contacts for their reporting). If you want to look through some of those images, here's a handy summary as well:

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Anonymous said...

Muchisimas gracias por los links! I was wondering if the Spanish-language press would cover pride, and I stupidly never associated Latinos and Stonewall, the articles were amazing!

Thanks Andres!