Thursday, June 21, 2007

My New York: Glam Slam 2007

Last night I headed to the 9th annual Glam Slam competition organized every year by The House of Xavier.

A few days before the event Emanuel Xavier expressed concern that some of the local gay publications had shown little interest in profiling the event so I wasn't expecting too many people to know about it. If anything, though, the Bowery Poetry Club was packed with people and I had to remain standing during the performances since there no seats were left.

The performances were varied, some very good, and Emanuel who not performed but also produced the show's lighting and sound, was visibly giddy and happy about the turnout.

I managed to catch a small video of Mother Diva Xavier of the Loose Control Comedy Group a/k/a Chulisi a/k/a Andre Rodriguez (above) doing his thing as mc. Love him!

Emanuel fillis in the details over on his MySpace page here. He's also threatening to make next year's 10th annual Glam Slam the last one evah! I hope it's not but, if it is, I am sure that it will go out with a bang. Great night all around. Also at the event, the amazing percussionist Joyce Jones.

More videos courtesy of MEER MUSA here.

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