Monday, July 16, 2007

For the love of Senator Chuck Schumer

Well, kiddies, it's time to bid farewell. El Blabbeador nearly went crazy these past couple of weeks dealing with the US Department of State and their processing of a passport I'd submitted for renewal more than three months ago.

We even called Senator Chuck Schumer's office (we saw a report on New York 1 last week in which they helped a woman get her passport as well) and they said they would submit an inquiry on my behalf last week.

So, I'm still not sure if it was the many hours I spent on the phone trying to push the issue (I was finally told that the passport had been processed and mailed on Friday) or the love of Chuck Schumer (well, at least the love of his courteous staff members) that minutes ago I finally got my hands on my new passport (and I travel early tomorrow).

I might check in in a few days if I get access to the internet. Otherwise we'll leave ya with a photo comparison:

circa 1996

circa 2007

Yeah, I know... Don't worry though! We'll be back in mid-August or so.

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