Sunday, July 15, 2007

Musica: Andrés Duque was acceptable... in the 80's

[This is a good review, so bear with me...] Yes, my friends, we have arrived a the exact moment at which Blabbeando sells out for no money whatsoever (and no, stop snickering 'cause it wasn't when we placed the Google Ads on the site).

Sneak Attack Media has adopted this puppy by endearingly placing the Blabbeador on their advance music release mailing list. And we're like all happy.

Can't say we weren't dreading it though. The moment they sent links to remixes for fields (only one of which I truly liked), we checked them out and found out that they were setting to promote the debut CD by Calvin Harris. Immediately I thought "Oh-oh! Hope they don't ask me to review that shit!" (pardon my French).

Calvin who? Well, you must not be European, Italian, Australian, British, Argentinian or from anywhere else except the United States because the man has achieved world domination in just a few steps with his recent single "Acceptable in the 80's" (video above MP3 here).

Yes. Acceptable in the 80's. Electro synth stabs. Neon colors. Shoulder pads on men and women. George Michael is straight. Make up on long-haired "rockers." Love is a Battlefield. Dynasty. Scott Baio. You get the point. But wasn't New York's own Fisherspooner trading on this stuff half a decade ago?

Then I actually heard the song and I was all "holy-mother-of-god! this is so bad I hope it never invades my sensitive ears ever again." Hence the apprehension.

I mean, imagine a Debbie Gibson type of bumpty-bump track (I mean the cheesy synths, not the vocals) with lyrics such as "I got love for you if you were born in the aight'ies, the aight'ies. Yeah!" - Yikes?
Hm. Apologies to Mr. Harris. Now I just can't get it out of my head along with so many other neon-colored leg warming tracks from his debut CD "I Created Disco."

Tongue firmly planted in cheek (check grandiose album title above) Harris has the balls to begin the album all LCD Soundsystem-like with "Merry Making at My Place" - a knock-off of LCD's own "Daft Punk is Playing at My House" - and he actually comes out on top.

With all those orgasmic ah's and oh's and lyrics in his opening track such as "I've seen it before, lots of people at my front door, lots of people in my front door, trying to get into my house" and the chorus "Merry making, drug taking, at my place, baby, at my place" how can you not drop your guard and love all the geeky boasting and groovy beats?

Then there's the fact that there's thirteen more fun electro groovers from where that came from - including the now lovable - not shitty - first single and the infectious "Industry" (robotic chant: "I am in tha in-das-tree, you are in tha in-das-tree, we are in tha in-das-tree, this is tha in-das-tree" OMG, so funny!), the great "Neon Rocks", "Vegas" (fake disaffected teutonic accent: "I got my drugs, and my stuff and my pills, when I go to Vegas! That's right! I've got my girls and my boys and my girls! That's right! When I go to Vegas!") and the faux sex-grinder instrumental "Love Souvenir." It's all good!

Even the clunkers like "Electro Man" ("Electro man, eeelectronic man. Electro man, eeelectronic woman") makes you giggle like crazy.

And rumors that he's upset because the songs he produced for Kylie Minogue's upcoming album were dropped from the final product fit in nicely with the duffus act.

In a stupid way, a classic album that strips away what kills most neo-electro acts (their seriousness) and gets all giddy and silly with the genre's possibilities.

For more info you can always check the following:
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Funny, the press materials say that it will be out in the US on September 4, 2007 on Almost Gold Recordings (great website by the way) but has the release date listed as this Tuesday.

In the meantime, the newest single: "The Girls" - Enjoy!

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