Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Dirty Sexy Money? Best new TV show of the season... So far!

So I've tried the Bionic Woman (yes, I am still in love with Lindsay Wagner). It sucked.

And I've tried the ball-tastic
Tell Me You Love Me on HBO (mostly because of the great Ally Walker). It sucked.

And I've tried the
Kid Nation (mostly because of the indentured child labor). And, guess what! It sucked too.

And I even tried the Duque clan at the Hispanic-rifick Cane (mostly because I wished it would have taught people how to pronounce my last name). And not even Rita Moreno nor former Colombian beauty queen Paula Turbay - in her first US starring role - could save it (at least the similar Kingpin was upfront about its portentous ridiculousness). By the way, Guanabee wants to know just how many Latino stereotypes have you spotted in Cane?

So it was a surprise to tune in to Dirty Sexy Money tonight and be so entertained! It wasn't only the great Peter Krause (of Six Feet Under fame) or Billy Baldwin (of the mostly hawt Baldwin clan AND a Binghamton University graduate to boot - just like me!) or Donald Sutherland (of the 1978 Invasion of the Body Snatchers re-make AND dad or the just arrested 24 Keiffer-man) or a surprise appearance by eminent journalist Dan Rather! No! It wasn't just that!
And it wasn't even that it out-did Cane with handing a leading role to trans performer Candis Cayne (get it? Cane, Cayne, sometimes I even amuse myself with my wit). Well, not even! It might well be the first time that a trans person performs on TV as a trans person in the United States. But Argentina and Colombia has got the USofA beat (that's Candis in the pic above).

It might just be good writing and pacing and a knack for setting up a great yarn. In any case I will be back for more next week. Let's hope it lives up to my expectations.
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  • Manhattan Offender also gives back some realness


Mad Professah said...

I liked Bionic Woman...

Rex Wockner said...

The Cajun and I are going to give it a second chance, as well. We're also giving a second chance to "Journeyman," but not to "Chuck." That's the extent of the new shows we've checked out.

Andrés Duque said...

Hm, I might give Bionic Woman a 2nd shot. Isaiah Washington is on next week's show as well, I think. Which has the gays up in a tiffy but, heck, he's still a good actor.

And yes, Journeyman was also good. Forgot to mention it, glad you reminded me.

count Sin said...

I'm actually relieved how stinky the new Fall 2007 shows are. Less angst over choosing which serials to follow, less time wasted watching TV, and a higher likelihood they'll broadcast the new episodes of Jericho soon.

That said, my picks are Journeyman, Chuck, and Pushing Daisies in descending order - and all three of those are provisional. Hey Rex, why not Chuck? Did you like Get Smart, or The Man With One Red Shoe?