Thursday, September 27, 2007

Love will tear us appart, again

The last time I recommended a movie ("Once"), some people let me know that they had taken a chance on it and greatly enjoyed it. So excuse me for plugging another flick but this one looks to be too good to pass - even if I have yet to see it (I mean, to some of us Joy Division and New Order are just godly but that doesn't mean film will do them justice).

In any case, here comes "Control" - an Anton Corbijn film that just looks stunning which is not surprising since he's mostly known for his emblematic images of Depeche Mode and U2 (circa "The Joshua Tree").

"Control" opens first in the UK on October 5th and the following week it opens up in the United States in a limited run. Let's hope it's as great as it promises to be.


warrior scout said...

thanx for the heads up on this. i loved joy division and the whole british band scene in those days.

johnnyboyy said...

can't wait!

Osvaldo Del Valle said...

WOOHOO! I cannot wait for this film to come out.