Friday, September 14, 2007

Other blogs: Bi-national couples and immigration rights

I haven't had much time to blog as of late so I thought I'd point out some recent blog posts elsewhere. In this particular edition, we'll focus on what other blogs are saying about bi-national couples and immigration rights:

Citizen Crain: Over at former New York Blade editor Chris Crain's blog, it might have surprised a few people that he recently gave props to presidential candidate Barack Obama. It's over a response the Obama camp gave one of the blog's readers on the issue of immigration rights for same-sex partners of United States citizens. Crain is writing from personal experience as his partner is a Brazilian man and, unlike heterosexual bi-national couples, he is not allowed to sponsor him for immigration. One of the most glaring examples of how same-sex partners are discriminated in this country.

Canadian Hope: Long time readers will also know of the bitter struggle that my friends Tom and Emilio (pictured above on the right next to my partner and I) have had in being able to remain in this country as a couple. Just last December Emilio got word that he had been granted political asylum in the United States which would have allowed him to stay but their hopes were dashed days later when they found out that the Office of Homeland Security had decided to appeal the asylum ruling. So for a while now both have looked up to Canada as a beacon of hope.

An update: Just this Monday they received news that made those hopes
a little bit closer.

The couple is featured in "Through Thick and Thin," a recent documentary by Argentine filmmaker Sebastian Cordoba currently making the film festival rounds.

Boy in Bushwick:
Reporter Mike Lavers, incidentally, recently penned a column on the issue which he has posted over at his blog. He covered a recent forum at New York's LGBT Community Center on the Uniting American Families Act (UAFA) introduced by NY Congressman Jerry Nadler (more about it here) which would, if passed, allow couples like Tom and Emilio to remain together.

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