Sunday, September 16, 2007

Venezuela: President Chavez is too macho to be gay

It didn't take long for Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez to react to questions about his sexuality as raised by an OpEd piece printed last week in one of Spain's leading newspapers.

Here's what he told thousands of sympathizers yesterday in a rally that took place in the city of Barquisimeto about the 'accusation,' according to EFE:

I've been accused of everything. The only thing they haven't accused me of is being homosexual. Well, now they've started to accuse me of being homosexual. I don't have anything against homosexuals because I respect whichever human condition...
Hm, if he'd only stopped there...

... but the thing is: I consider myself sufficiently macho to pulverize any accusation along those lines
Ah, let's see what Chávez' supporters have to say of his inability to consider that masculinity might not always denote heterosexuality, his belief that being called gay is an "accusation" (would anyone who is alleged to be heterosexual consider it an "accusation"?) or his usage of the word "condition" when talking about homosexuality.

Or at the very least ask him to support a same-sex civil-unions bill that some of the leading LGBT organizations and activists are asking the
Chávez government to support?

I for one, would be more interested in knowing just to what extent he respects the gays through government policy than about who he boinks in bed - or whether he thinks of himself as being the most macho of machos.


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