Wednesday, October 24, 2007

As long as we're butching it up: MachoChip is here

As long as we're butching things up here at Blabbeando with posts about rugby and all that manly stuff:

The good people at one of our favorite blogs, Guanabee, have launched a new Guanabee-like blog called MachoChip that will take a look at "Fútbol, Lucha Libre, Bullfighting, and Mixed Martial Arts" (or what us immigrants call deportes).

And, while the editors take a strong ironic stand that this won't be 'homo' stuff (and they sure like looking at Playboy centerfolds together), why do I think that sooner than later we'll start seeing rippling muscles, torn boxing shots and images of brutes beating each other up erotically? Oh, wait! They are already doing that.

I mean, I'm not saying that they'll ever match JockoHomo who never ceases to amaze with his take on sportastic situations, but welcome to the blog roll nevertheless.

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Anonymous said...

In turn I promise to take a strong stand that all the meaty guy stuff like futbol, lucha, mixed martial arts, and what not will be as gay as humanely possible, who the hell do you think watches this shit, gay dudes!