Tuesday, October 23, 2007

My New York: Gotham Knights reach rugby championship

For a while there, John almost managed to convince me that I should join the Gotham Knights Rugby Football Club. That's until cooler heads prevailed and I decided that if I had survived almost four decades without breaking a bone (well, not counting a finger), why start now?

Still, that's no reason why I shouldn't be happy for John and the team as the Knights are METNYRFU Division III championship-bound (boy, that was a mouthful)!

As you might know, the Knights are the local predominantly gay rugby team and - as John says over on his blog - the fact that they have reached the championship seems to be pretty historic:

"I do believe - I may be wrong here and I am sure as this entry gets read and spread that someone will correct me if I am - that Gotham is now the first predominantly gay rugby team in the US to compete for its Union championship."

Well, hooray!

Next stop, the championship: The Knights will travel to Montclair, New Jersey, on Saturday Oct. 27 for a 1:00 PM rematch with Montclair RFC for the union championship. Montclair bested Gotham 26-15 last month. Directions to Codey Field can be found here.

Then it might get even more complicated because both teams, by reaching this championship, also secured spots in a larger playoff next spring and - if they win that - the national playoffs for Division III. BUT, let's not get ahead of ourselves, shall we.

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