Saturday, October 27, 2007

Machochip delivers! Maximo! Al ataque!!

"His golden dream is to live in Spain because marriage exists NO MATTER THE GENDER!" are the first words that you hear from the MC in the YouTube video above as he introduces Maximo, the "exotic" Mexican wrestler! Of course, we had already introduced you to Maximo back in July when he was featured in the pages of a Sports Illustrated Latino. But now Machochip, a new sports blog from the makers of Guanabee, has unearthed the video above.

It's actually quite funny with Maximo shrieking every time he gets hit and fainting whenever a wrestler takes off his shirt. Unfortunately his unorthodox high kicks are not enough to beat the muscle-bound and saintly The Seducer who seems to bring his hands together in prayer every time he scores a victory against a rival.

The match, of course, is brought to you by Corona.


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