Sunday, October 28, 2007

Pooh-ness in NY, Carebear-ness in Hawaii, Balloons over Kentucky, a music CD is launched

UPDATE: Love in Bardstown, KY (thanks Jake):
Pooh-ness in New York: Carebear-ness from Kawika in Hawaii: Reason? One year since this...

Kawika also has this...

From Steven Mackin's mom, Sheila, on Sunday's balloon memorial in Bardstown, Kentucky:
"I thought of you when we released our balloons. About 50 or more people were there. Wouldn't Steven have loved being the center of attention once again."

From After months of amazing work, also on Sunday, Jake A. Wheat announced the release of
"Indie Music Unified presents Stomp Out Cancer, Vol. 1" - in Steven's honor. All proceeds will go towards efforts to fight Ewing's Sarcoma. You can listen to snippets and, if interested, purchase it here.

Additional stuff:
  • Steven Mackin's MySpace page here
  • Steven Mackin's LiveJournal page here
Reminicences: Miss you boo!

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