Friday, November 21, 2008

Colombia: A question for Miss Antioquia

From Monday's Miss Colombia Beauty Pageant in Cartagena during the Q&A segment...

Do you believe that a woman is the compliment of a man?

Miss Antioquia:
Good night to everyone
I believe that a man himself compliments a man
Woman with woman
Man with man
And also, woman to man, in the same manner, in the opposite sense
And we exist to give each other care
[audience members start to giggle]
To give ourselves love
A woman is the compliment of a man
In a very beautiful sense
Because love is given
And also provides care
Eh... the world is evolving
And each time we give more love to the men who... in the case of Colombia... used to be machistas once upon a time...
[audience applauds]

I could not have said it better myself! At the end of the night, Miss Antioquia emerged as the 3rd runner up. She was robbed!

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John K said...

It's like she was channeling Catherine Breillat's thesis behind her movie Anatomy of Hell, but in a more more playful way!