Wednesday, November 19, 2008

How to scare away the Latino vote: Voto Latino

The presidential elections are over. Obama won. Some say that the Latino vote was key in flipping states like Colorado, Nevada, New Mexico and Florida (though the ones who say that are the ones who most benefit from painting Latinos as a powerful voting block). And even if that's the case it couldn't possibly have been thanks to this:

Oh my! Where to start. Well, the video was produced by something called Voto Latino, founded in 2004 "to promote an enfranchised America by leveraging celebrity voices, the latest technology and youth themselves to promote positive change" [Latino youth! Celebrities! Technology! Co-founder Rosario Dawson! Enfranchification! Yay!].

But wait! Pray tell: How can Voto Latino best engage the Latino youth of America? Wait! I got it! Spoofing the telenovelas that their moms watch!! [Huh?].

Yes! I kid you not but the clip above is but part five of a five clip series! [Must be a California thing, the No on Prop. 8 Latino outreach spot went the telenovela route as well].

Not surprisingly, the "edgy" and "now" concept received major coverage... for Rosario Dawson ("Rosario Dawson offers tips on romance", "Kenneth Cole's Awearness", "Rosario Dawson & Voto Latino on OPRAH!").

Which is all good and stuff since I don't take away the fact that she is using her celebrity for a worthy cause but...

1. Jane Fonda.

2. What!? JANE FONDA? Why yes! JANE FONDA!

3. The script! Who wrote it! (Ai, Dio... mio..., PLOP)

4. Is it better when English-dominant Latinos do funny fake stereotypical Latino accents? (Voteen's arrr'rite, not a prrrivilege!)

5. WEST SIDE STORY? Yeah, that'll get the Latino youth rushing to the voting booth.

6. Jokes about illegals? In a Latino vote drive project? Again: Who wrote the script?

7. And Wilmer Valderrama, eh, "singing"? Yikes!

Perez does do a nice pope-type priest, though.

Aside from coming out looking like a vanity project, I swear it's the most cringe-worthy thing I have seen in recent memory. Enjoy!

Update: Or... I might be totally wrong (see comments)


Lito Sandoval said...

Um a step forward but not in the right direction???

Anonymous said...

They have over 200k views on Myspace and a 87% positive rating, looks like it worked for their audience.

Anonymous said...

What are you talking about??? I LOVED this spoof, my friends loved, we thought it was funny and creative. As someone who grew up watching my mother's corny, dramatic novelas, I thought this was great. I loved the song and the message. Hey to engage young people, you need to think outside the box, c'mon! Same ol stuff is not going to cut it. I give props to the people that worked on this and the energy they are putting into engaging the Latino vote.

Anonymous said...

I agree with you Jessica! This whole telenevola "spoof" by Voto Latino seemed to be very effective in my community and surrounding colleges where many of my friends and professors were talking about it along with the need to vote. At the end of the day - it seems that the point of the video was to embolden youth to vote and from my personal perspective, it definitely sparked that interest amongst my peeps!

Anonymous said...

I don't see why you're hating on Voto Latino. Seriously, did you see the stats? Voto Latino helped boost the Latino vote in key swing states by 144% in Nevada, 35% in Colorado and 30% in New Mexico.

Obviously SOMEBODY is feeling their media campaigns.....

misswildthing said...

ooooohhhhh, you got whacked down brotha!