Friday, June 11, 2010

Premiere: Angelo Garcia rushes out demo tracks on YouTube

It certainly seems to have been a tumultuous week for ex-Menudo boyband member and now out gay man Angelo Garcia.

On Sunday, popular blogger

Actually, according to Garcia, that's erroneous: He says he came out two months before Ricky Martin did.

"Let me clear something up with all my friends and Fans," he wrote yesterday in a Facebook Fan Page post, "Ricky Martin might have been the most Famous Menudo to ever come out but I was the FIRST! I am getting a lot of attention about this now because of Ricky's Revelation so having 2 Menudo boys be GAY I guess is NEWS WORTHY but I spoke publicaly (sic) about my Sexuality 2 months before he came out. It is funny how the press TWISTS the TRUTH".

If that sounds snooty, petty or a stab at attention-grabbing, he explains in another post why he felt he needed to make the statement. "I did not expect all this media attention and I am not looking for attention or trying to ride coat tails or steal other's THUNDER! I am TIRED of The RUDE IGNORANT comments and RUDE Emails people are sending. I Love myself just the way I am. Like Christina aguilera says 'AND IF ...YOU DONT LIKE IT F*** YOU!'"

And he is right. Some replies on message boards and online articles have been vicious and more than a few have accused him of trying to ride the Ricky Martin's coattail to fame.

As I wrote in my previous post, I did find a previous interview in which Garcia openly discussed his sexual orientation, and in which he also discussed his experiences as a male stripper at Manhattan's now gone Gaiety Theater in Times Square.  But it wasn't clear to me if the interview had been conducted in April when he did an erotic photo shoot for Paragon Men - 2 months before Ricky Martin came out - or after Ricky had come out. In any case, the interview went unnoticed and it's only now that media is focusing on Garcia.

In those interviews, Garcia also mentioned he was working in new solo material. He'd previously released a solo album titled "Cool" but that was in 2006. I checked out some of the tracks out there and found some promise but was not impressed overall.  I also thought he was bluffing a bit when he said he was working on new material. Apparently, I was also wrong.

Last night on YouTube, Garcia released two demo tracks he is working on for his upcoming English-language release "Scandalous". I imagine he wants to take advantage of the attention he has been getting this week and who could blame him? It's also probably a way to try to turn attention away from his Menudo past as well as put a spotlight on his music.  But is it good?

In interviews, Garcia has described himself as a gay male version "Lady Gaga" but in the cover art and in the song stylings he actually reminds me more of Adam Lambert.  Both songs obviously needs some additional production work but I think they show great potential and build up on the promise he showed in his past solo work. 

First up, the better of the two demos, "The Morning After"...

And then, "Fallin 4 U".  Funny, one of the lines in the song says "I wanna explain it to the world that you are my favorite girl"... I guess if gay actors can play straight, gay singers can play straight too? Or will the lyrics be changed once the album is released?

What do you think?

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Elvis Tek said...

Osea yo conosco un coñazo de cantantes que, no solo son gays sino que son rolitranco de relocas y cantan en sus canciones a Chicas pues no todos los cantantes son autores de sus letras y cuando cantan deben ser fieles a las letras, un breve ejemplo es el grupo español Mecano, las letras escritas por Nacho Cano y su hermano y son cantadas por Ana Torroja y aun cuando ella sea Straight y las letras hayan sido escritas como para ser cantadas por un hombre ella respeta las lineas... asi que... Cual es la objetividad de las criticas? o ya las canciones de Ricky no sirven por el hecho que sea gay???? WTF!

NG said...

Kind of sad that it took porn to get Angelo noticed but that's the culture for is bad, except when it isn't, gays always wanting to have it both ways.

Blabbeando said...

@ElvisTek No lo dije por criticar. Lo escribi porque fue algo que me parecio interesate. Y tienes la razon, si un cantante gay quiere cantar letras no gay o vice-versa. tiene el derecho y no le quita a su cualidad artistica.

@NG Not sure I agree with that. The interview in Paragon Men was done in April with an excerpt done later after Ricky Martin came out. But nobody noticed until TV Notas did the cover story. Where I agree is in the fact that a lot of the reaction after Boy Culture picked it up was on those shots taken back in April.

Anonymous said...

I don't really think it matters who came out first. Fact is, Ashley Ruiz and Cesar Abreu (both ex-Menudos) have been out for quite a long time and didn't need to make it news worthy. I rather they focus on talent, not who they sleep with.

Anonymous said...

Angelo is nice looking sexy even but his music is mediocre dance music. He reminds me of quentin elias nice to look at but his music has never moved me

Anonymous said...

#1 I saw his Paragon men pic's and they are not pornographic at all! Racy yes but not porno!

#2 To compare Angelo Garcia to Quentin Elias is a Joke! Angeo's new songs are far from mediocre they are amazing and they are only demos, what you have right is that he is Beautiful and very sexy, and unlike Quentin who is an UGLY muscle boy with NO TALENT, Angelo writes all his own material and the boy can SING!

Anonymous said...

I think he is way too big, if he had stopped where he was a while back, he would look great. He doesn't look normal.

As far as the music is concerned, I agree, it's mediocre dance music. Not impressed at all!

I'm very disappointed that he is using his sexuality to try to get attention. Does he himself not think his talent is enough?

Anonymous said...

He has the body of a Greek God and the Voice of an Angel! I see a lot of Jealousy! Do your thang Angelo Your music rocks and you have Talent! Some people cant handle that you are hott and have talent! If you want to call him out on being sexy well then you should also hate madonna ,Gaga,Xtina,and everybody else that uses sexuality. It is who we are as a society and sex sells and he has the body and the look to rock being sexy!