Tuesday, October 19, 2010

My New York: "Jackass 3D" but for real

Above: The Doug, the Bam and I
I went to see "Jackass 3D" on Sunday with my friend Doug.  He'd met some of the guys from the movie the previous night - and got a new tattoo with them - and wanted to see the movie. I wasn't so sure. I've loved the Jackass crew and the stunts they've pulled over the years but the reviews for the movie were lukewarm to bad.  Was it the best "Jackass" movie? No, but I ended laughing my ass off anyway.  Then again, I've always loved a good fart joke, so take that for what it's worth. 

Walking out of the movie, Doug realized he'd gotten a text message asking him to go hang out with the guys some more. I was invited along and ended up hanging out with Jackassers Bam Margera and Brandon Novack, a guy from the crew and some girls.

I got to quiz Bam on international politics and Novack on other stuff (I know, right?). There'd been a few rounds of drinks already by the time we joined them. We got to hear how Bam had been sized up by a guy at the urinals at a gay bar on Christopher Street earlier in the week. As gay friendly a straight guy as I've met, I tell ya. I left early, Doug stayed. Some gayish shenanigans followed. Not sure I regret leaving but it was fun hanging out.

The movie made $50 million on opening night alone. You are welcome for the money Johnny Knoxville and crew! The End.



kyledeb said...

Pretty sweet, Andrés! I hope they didn't make you pull off any stunts :).

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