Monday, March 03, 2014

Transgressive or regressive? Jennifer Lopez and Ricky Martin hook up in latest Wisin music video

When two of the biggest Latino music stars in the world play lovers in a music video does the world pay notice? Particularly if one of the stars is known for a series of high-profile heterosexual relationships (Jennifer Lopez) and the other is known as the biggest Latino personality to have ever come out as being gay (Ricky Martin)?

That's the case in a video released today as the lead single from Puerto Rican singer Wisin's first solo album and titled "Adrenalina":

Wisin was able to pull this high-wattage stunt because he was part of one of the most successful reggaeton acts in the music industry over the last decade - Wisin & Yandel - and happened to be among the Latino music acts that supported Ricky Martin when he came out.

Ricky himself featured the duo in a cut from his first album after coming out called "Frio"...

That particular song also speaks of unrequited love from a man to a woman.

Both of these songs were launched as singles after Ricky's very prominent coming out in 2010 so they weren't necessarily covering up for his sexuality so the fact that he is still be considered to play up a heterosexual romantic role in videos like these might be transgressive in itself but it certainly stand out that Ricky has yet to release or participate in a music video that also highlights same-sex love.  I raised this issue previously when it came to one of the most beautiful songs on his last album and one of its most homoerotic as well "Tu y Yo" (Spanish language lyrics here),

And yet, last week in Chile at the Viña del Mar music festival Ricky didn't shy away from homoerotic play. Here is his performance of his hit "Shake Your Bom Bom"...

Full Viña performance here.

Also, woof!...

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