Friday, June 01, 2007

Blog roll addition: HotShitRecords

Yes, indeed, it's HotShitRecords and you can find it under my Music Blogs column on the right.
...and, yes, if you note any similarities it's because that's non-other than my brother Juan, editor of HotShitRecords, as he prepares his latest post.

Come July, I'll be visiting him in my home country as I make one of my periodic pilgrimages back to my roots.
Looking forward to it big time.


jbrotherlove said...

Oh wow. You're fam with HotShitRecords? I look forward to this!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the introduction to Juan's blog, Andrés – I'm going to link to him as well. I enjoy an arthouse approach to music, and your brother is definitely a tastemaker.