Friday, June 01, 2007

Queens Gay Pride

Sunday marks the 15th anniversary of the Queens Pride Parade which - confoundingly (is that a word?) - also marks the first time in the fourteen years that I have lived in the borough that I will be missing it.

In recent years participation from local grassroots organizations has decreased as political representation has increased which has meant lots of councilmembers and senators walking behind a banner with the usual bar floats right behind them.

This year, members of Latino Gay Men of New York, Primer Movimiento Peruano, and the Puerto Rican Initiative to Develop Empowerment will be marching as well as the Hispanic AIDS Forum so let's hope things pick up a bit. Chueca Bar also manages to make an great impression from year to year with their themed floats.

In the meantime The Queens Tribune which published a special supplement on the Queens gay community back in October of 2005 has issued a 2nd gay-themed supplement to coincide with this year's Queens pride festivities. For a full listing of articles click here.

Photos from past Queens prides:

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