Monday, June 22, 2009

Update: What Ricky Martin actually said to TVaquí

Mike Szysmanski, who writes a regular column for the Examiner about bisexuality, has a story today on rumors that Ricky Martin might be - gulp! - BISEXUAL!! ("Reports of Ricky Martin declaring he is bisexual are premature").

As I did yesterday, he throws water on claims by multiple gossip sites that Martin actually came out as a bisexual man last week, but holds off on blaming Puerto Rican gossip site TVaquí for trying to spread the false rumor to their advantage.

Szysmansky says he actually reached out to TVaquí editor Saudy Rivera to ask her if Martin actually mentioned the word 'bisexual' and files the following report:
I went directly to Saudy, who is based in Puerto Rico, and asked if Ricky used the B-word. "No, he didn't say that," she replied to me. "What he said was: "The heart of Ricky Martin... if it belongs to a male or a female... I have never talked about it."
Of course, it would have been helpful if Rivera and TVaquí had been just as forthcoming before they sent their Ricky Martin 'scoop' to gossip blogger Perez Hilton - which jump-started all the online bisexual speculation in the first place - or if she kept from literally claiming that "Ricky Martin accepts the possibility that his heart is owned by a female or male owner" on the cover of their magazine, which hits newsstands this week.

Better yet! Syzmansky links up to a YouTube video of the actual TVaquí Ricky Martin interview and it turns out to shine an even worse light on the gossip rag magazine. I have taken the liberty of translating the interview as you will see in the clip above.

It's obviously an ambush interview and Ricky Martin looks tired and unhappy, particularly about the trend in questioning. Unlike TVaquí's claim to Perez Hilton, he certainly doesn't "accept" having his heart owned by a man or a woman, and, as he has always done, he expresses once again that it's a topic he is never willing to address with a reporter.

Ricky might be gay or bisexual and he might even decide to come out one of these days, but these type of ambush interviews do more damage than anything else. Specially when they go as far as implying that Martin might be less of a man if he is indeed gay or bisexual on their own website. UGH.


Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for the translation. I am a fan with my own website and I agree it was just irresponsible jounalism. She should be fired. Perez should be boycotted. Freedom of speech, yes, but lies and twisting of words, NO. Ricky does look tired but maily of all the grief from people asking him stupid questions all the time. Thank you for your post. If you would like to read my long and evry extensive thoughts. I am on blogspot.


Thanks again.

Lake said...

Patético que le pregunten eso! Creo que ni el más desagradable de los periodistas de chismes de Argentina (y mirá que acá sobran seres espeluznantes dedicados a hablar de las intimidades ajenas) se hubiera atrevido a eso...

Ricky ya va a salir solito del closet, si es que está adentro. Me parece que ser papá con vientre alquilado es una señal de que en algún momento nos va a decir algo que nos va a mover el piso :-)